Hurricane Katrina Relief
Katrina Relief

Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit our country. Men, women, children, and animals throughout the Gulf Coast region suffered greatly in the aftermath of Katrina, and their difficulties are still going on today! We must all continue to come together to help the survivors fully recover from this deadly natural disaster. The best way to help is to learn more about Hurricane Katrina, visit the Gulf Coast, and to prepare in case it happens again. Additionally, you should consider volunteering your time and/or money to help the survivors. Hurricane Katrina Relief was created to be a permanent source of information about Hurricane Katrina, Emergency Preparation, and more. I hope you enjoy the site.


8/29/2012 - Today is the 7 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast. | Hurricane Isaac Info

After 7 years, is still dedicated to helping cover the all things related to Hurricane Katrina!


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